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HC 120 DVI-D
Video Splitter 1:2

The HC 120 is a DVI-D video splitter. The DVI-D source signal is output on two outputs without any quality lost.

This enables the usage of one video source on two display devices (projector, plasma or TFT LCD).

A integrated gain-switching compensates the quality lost of the splitting. 

The HC 120 DVI-D Splitter is a perfect device for a professional broadcast studio to split video signals to more playback devices.

Maximal resolution: 1080p 60 Hz



file description file size date download
Technical datasheet (german) 33 KB 20.08.2014
Technical datasheet (english) 0 KB 16.04.2014
RS232 / Ethernet protocol 0 KB 16.04.2014
High quality image of front 314 KB 20.08.2014
High quality image of back 314 KB 20.08.2014