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IRD 3080 - SDI

Integrated Receiver Decoder with highest demands on quality and excellent HDTV and radio reception capabilities. The IRD 3080 is equipped with a receiver for DVB­S/S2, DVB­C/C2/T/T2 and / or A­TV (analog TV) and two integrated common interface slots for decoding different Conditional Access Modules to decrypting Pay­TV channels.

The SDI signal can be embedded two audio streams (Audio L / R, AC3 Dolby digital) simultaneously on an integrated matrix.

Also it is optionally possible to dine an ASI signal in to the device or to extract an ASI signal from the IRD 3080.

The integrated Ethernet and RS­232 control option give the option to control the IRD 3080 bidirectional and enables an optimal integration into existing control systems. The Ethernet and RS­232 interface grand the user to consult program name (program logo), program information, EPG information ect..

The existing video connectors with BNC 75 Ω execution a durable, safe and secure connection option.

The devices are designed with high quality components for continuous operation and are designed and produced in Germany.



  • Multiformat MPEG-2/-4 /H.264/VC-1 Video Decoder
  • SD/HD - MP@HL, MP@ML, MP@LL,SP@ML, AVC HP@L4.1, VC-1 AP@L3 und MP@HL
  • DVB-S/S2, or DVB-C/C2/T/T2 / ATV (AnalogTV) optional / Dual-Tuner combined optional
  • Resolution- 1080i/p 720i/p / SD-576i (SD upscaling to 1080i/p) at all digital video connections
  • Video format 4:3 / 16:9 /
  • 2 Common Interface Slots for Conditional Access Module like Alphacrypt (SKY,ORF), Conax, IrdetoNagravision, 
    Viaccess ... 
  • Graphical Display 192 x 32 Points shows all the important technical information, such as name of transmitter and
  • broadcast, image resolution, format, AudioPID, antenna signal: quality, strength ect.. All settings are adjustable via
  • display and keyboard / remote control optional
  • Bidirectional control via RS-232 / Ethernet 
  • TeleText, DVB Subtitling, EBU Teletext Subtitling
  • Thermo-controlled fan (power supplies and system)
  • EPG - Electronic Program Guide - with event information for 14 days 
  • Streaming - Management Server monitoring and controlling
  • Service button in front / back for commissioning of several devices
  • Delay for AUDIO / VIDEO adjustabler
  • Audio level can be set for each program
  • AES - BNC 75 Ω unbalanced(standard) / XLR 3pol. balanced optional
  • SDI embedded 2x Audio- BNC 75 Ω 
  • ASI Input / Output BNC 75 Ω optional
  • Matrix for audio tracks to embed
  • Sync Input - BNC 75 Ω Tri-Sync or Black Burst optional
  • GPIO Port Alarm and Monitoring optional
  • Redundant power supply optional
  • eSATA- connection optional



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