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electronic door plate

Walldisplay to receive informations from databases (Outlook, Qt, etc.). It is like an electronic door plate with informational content, which changes when receiving data.

Through the open-style GUI (Graphical User Interface) with custom HTML / JavaScript API is it possible to design / edit the user interface (wallpapers, logos, menu layout and design, integrate their own content, etc.).

Connection between display and database through Ethernet or WLAN Interface.

The devices are designed with high quality components for continuous operation and in Germany Designed and produced.

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Technical datasheet (german) 1.330 KB 20.08.2014
Technical datasheet (english) 0 KB 16.04.2014
Firmware 0 KB 16.04.2014
RS232 / Ethernet protocol 0 KB 16.04.2014
Instructions (german) 0 KB 16.04.2014
High quality image 65 KB 20.08.2014