IRD 208x movieNET


High Definition Integrated Receiver Decoder with the highest standards of quality and excellent HDTV and radio reception characteristics, the IP streams are via the Ethernet interface available to the user.

The IRD 208x movieNET is equipped with individual configuration with up to eight receiver sections, which decode in a paired design a DVB-S/S2 or DVB-C/C2/T/T2 signal and provide it to the IP network. The device has custom options for the interpretation of up to eight integrated common interface slots for receiving various Conditional Access Modules for the decrypting of Pay-TV channels (in pairs, one CI slot per tuner).

The integrated Ethernet and RS-232 control option allows the IRD 208x movieNET an externally bidirectional controlled and therefore enables an optimum integration into existing Control systems. About the Ethernet and RS-232 interface is it possible to the visits the Program name (program logo), program information, EPG information ect.

The received programs of the tuner can be provided via the Ethernet interface to the IP network as SPTS (Single Program Transport Stream) or MPTS (Multi Program Transprot Stream). The administration is done via webserver, with a module access (2 tuner) to the device.

The devices designed with high-quality components for continuous operation are developed and produced in Germany.




  • 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 x DVB-S/S2, or DVB-C/C2/T/T2 pairs can be combined
  • Streaming of the received program via Ethernet port SPTS (Single Program Transport Stream) or MPTS (Multi Program Transport Stream)
  • 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 x DVB CI Slots: EN 50221 for CAMs Alphacrypt (SKY, ORF), Aston, Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Nagravision, NDS, Viaccess... (one CI-Slot per Tuner) optional
  • Bidirectional control via RS232 / Ethernet (independent control of the module pairs)
  • Update via Ethernet
  • 2 thermocontroled fans (power supplies and system)
  • Streaming - Management Server monitoring and controlling optional
  • Webserver control
  • Redundant power supply is independently powered by a second phase, with intelligent control always only one active power supply, if after evt. failure of the first power supply it is switching automatically to the redundant power supply, after that the system show failure message to the user optional


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