DVR 2090

eSata - NAS - Storage - Server


The DVR 2090 HDD has a changeable frame system (Hot Plug) for a comfortable and fast installation and change of hard drives.

The maximal of a hard drive capacity is 4 TB, each hard drive slot 2 TB.

On a 2 TB hard drive fits up to 800 hours in SD format or up to 170 hours in HD format.

Out of the DVR 2090 combined with the ELIUM IRD results a full controllable NAS-Server.

This device is controllable with all ELIUM IRD series (1080 / 2080 / 3080)which contain an eSATA port.



  • ELIUM RS232 / ETH Protocol
  • 2 changeable frames (Hot Plug)
  • 1 internal power supply
  • 2 Thermocontrolled fans
  • 2 eSATA Port-Cable
  • without hard drives


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