MP 360 UHD

Interactive - Live Media Player


The MP 360 UHD is a professional bidirectional Ultra High Definition content streaming player with support for standard media formats. It offers access to live streams (e.g. from IRD 2160 movieNET) as well as to the medial libraries (e.g. from DVR 2090).

A single Programm (SPTS - Single Program Transport Stream) or a multi program (MPTS - Multi Program Transport Stream) live stream can be received (e.g. from IRD 208x), whereby an interactive program selection is realized. For example, for a program list of 40 TV programs with MPTS only 4 IP streams are required, in which each program remains selectable. This technology relieves the data traffic in the network and saves installation effort (since 40 streams are usually required for a channel selection of 40 programs).

Due to the open GUI (Graphical User Interface) with Custom HTML5 / JavaScript API, it is possible to design/edit the user interface in a customer-specific way (background images, logos, menu layout and design, integration of your own content, picture in picture with the integrated graphics etc).

Due to the integrated Ethernet and RS-232 control option, the MP 360 UHD can be externally controlled bi-directionally, thus enabling optimal integration into existing control systems. This can be used to query the program names (program logo), program information, EPG information etc. In addition, it can be controlled via infrared remote as well as via any browser-enabled device, such as a tablet or smartphone.

The devices designed with high quality components for continuous operation are designed and produced in Germany.




▪ Automatic monitor adjustment or adjustable resolution respectively 1080i/p - 720i/p - 576i/p (SD upscaled to 1080i/p)
▪ Picture formats: 4:3 / 16:9
▪ SPTS and MPTS live stream playback with the program selection
▪ Stream playback from the media libraries
▪ USB playback (playing media via the USB port)
▪ Bi-directional control via 100 Mbit Ethernet / RS-232 interface
▪ Integrated webserver for management and control
▪ Firmware update via front USB / Ethernet / web server
▪ HTML5 based OSD with which the background images, program logos/names, etc can be edited
▪ Custom design / modification of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) through Custom HTML5 / JavaScript API

▪ VideoText, DVB Subtitling, EBU Teletext Subtitling
▪ EPG - Electronic Program Guide with event information from the live stream
▪ Controllable via infrared input 3.5 mm jack socket (remote control address adjustable) or browser-enabled end devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
▪ Sending messages via RS-232 and Ethernet
▪ HDMI 4:2:0 color depth - Audio L/R or AC3 embedded and/or downmixed to L/R
▪ Audio Analog Stereo unbalanced - 3.5 mm jack socket
▪ Network connection: Ethernet 100 Mbit/s
▪ Power supply: POE - Power Over Ethernet
▪ Low-delay decoding: delay/latency < 1sec.
▪ Support of Plug&Play function after configuring the device.


Optional Features:

▪ UHD 4Kx2K
▪ HDMI 4:2:2 color depth
▪ HDR (High Dynamic Range)
▪ HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) - bidirectional control function
▪ Audio connector for passive stereo speakers with 20W amplification - 2 x 2pol. Phoenix
▪ Remote control + 3.5 mm jack infrared receiver
▪ External power supply 5V via screwable 2.1mm socket
▪ Micro-SD playback (playing media via the Micro-SD port)
▪ Retrieval of the messages from databases
▪ VESA wall mount
▪ Apps support for control systems like e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, InternetRadio, Spotify,, etc.


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