IRD 3040 Broadcast-Radio


The IRD 3040 is a professional bidirectional audio decoder with excellent DAB / DAB+ and FM radio reception features. This device is designed for the broadcast sector and has XLR interfaces as well as AES output options.

The Ingest Control feature provides DAB / DAB + as well as FM reception. This will give the user an excellent presentation of the monitoring programs. The output succeeds by the HDMI interface.

In addition to the audio connections, the device has Ethernet interfaces. With this Ethernet interface it is possible to control the hole device via the web server option.

The integrated Ethernet and RS-232 control option give the option to control the IRD 3040 bidirectional and enables an optimal integration into existing control systems. The Ethernet and RS-232 interface grand the user to consult program name (program logo),
program information, EPG information ect..

Through the open GUI (Graphical User Interface) with custom HTML5 / JavaScript API it is possible to design / edit customized user interfaces (wallpapers, logos, menu layout and design, content, etc.).

The devices designed with high quality components for continuous operation are developed and produced in Germany.




▪ DAB / DAB+ and FM Singletuner
▪ HDMI - 1080i/p - 720p - 576p
   Automatic monitor adjustment of the resolution or resolution adjustable
▪ Integrated Webserver for administration and control
▪ AES - XLR - 3pol.
▪ Analog Output balanced Stereo - XLR 3pol.
▪ Bidirectional control via RS-232 / Ethernet
▪ Network connetion via Ethernet-Port
▪ Graphical Display 192 x 32 pixel shows all technical information like, program name, dynamic label, antenna signal: RSSI, SNR...
   All settings can be done via the Frontpanel
▪ HTML5 based OSD to support changes of background, program logo/-namen, etc.
▪ Servicebutton to turn the display and front panel off (commissioning of more then one device)
▪ Termo controled fan (Power supply and System)
▪ Ingest Control-Function with up to 12 channel


Optional Features:

▪ Analog Output balanced Stereo - 5 pol. Phoenix
▪ Analog Output unbalanced Stereo - 2 x RCA
▪ Analog Output unbalanced Stereo - 3,5 plug jack L/R
▪ GPIO - for alarm function - 5 pol. Phoenix
▪ Redundant power supply with automatic changeover
▪ Remote control


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