AEN 4074

Quadruple Audio Encoder


The AEN 4074 is a professional bidirectional quadruple encoder that allows up to eight audio sources (XLR-L/R or AES) to be encoded into a maximum of four IP streams. The generated MPEG 4 (H264) streams are provided via the Ethernet interface to the IP network.

The integrated Ethernet and RS-232 control option, give the option to control the AEN 4074 bidirectional with independence to each encoder. For this reason it enabling optimum integration into existing control systems.

The devices designed with high quality components for continuous operation are designed and produced in Germany.




  • 8x audio encoding or transcoding to four IP-Streams with adjustable bitrate average area of 1 MBit/s to 20 MBit/s (depending on the input audio signal)
  • Graphical display 192 x 32 points shows all the important technical information, all settings are adjustable via display
  • Bi-directional control via RS232 / Ethernet
  • independent control of all four encoder
  • Audio inputs for each encoder:
         AES unbalanced - BNC 75 Ω
         Analog output unbalanced Stereo - 2 x XLR 3pol.
  • Outputs for each encoder:


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