Streaming - Management Server

SNMP - Control


The Streaming-Management Server is designed for professional purposes, as a central monitoring and controlling station of network elements. The device uses the SNMP protocol to communicate with the terminal devices and allows to control and monitor each network-compatible device.

The tasks of this device are remote controlling, remote configuration and monitoring of network elements and moreover it enables an error detecting with the corresponding notification.

The Streaming-Management Server controls the devices with Ethernet, RS232, I/O-Ports or Relays. It allows also to record the sent and received information on a hard drive, micro SD card or via the USB interfaces to analyse at a later time.

The Streaming-Management Server has a HDMI output and a frontpanel to visualize the information. 

The devices designed with high quality components for continuous operation are designed and produced in Germany.




  • SNMP controlling and monitoring
  • HDMI - 1080i/p - 720p - 576p
  • Bidirektional controlling via RS-232 / Ethernet
  • Controlling of external devices via up to 16 x I/O-Ports (optional)
  • Controlling of external devices via up to  3 x I/O-Ports (optional)
  • Controlling of external devices via up to  3 bzw. 4 x RS-232 (optional)
  • Recording of events on a hard drive (optional)
  • Recording of events on a micro SD card (optional)
  • Recording of events on up to 3 x USB-Storages (optional)
  • Graphical Display 192 x 32 Points shows all the important technical information. All settings are adjustable via display and keyboard
  • Send messages via RS-232 and Ethernet
  • Network connection via Ethernet


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